Monday, May 16, 2005

Staying Clean in a dirty world.

The world is quite a disgusting place anymore, even in the age of anti-bacterial soap. The cause for all the mess is actually quite obvious, and that cause is people, or to be more specific, ignorant people. People that don't realize how disgusting they are. All in all, these people have made my life very stressful. I'm constantly worrying about who did, or didn't wash their hands after using the restroom, or who just played with an animal and then continues to the buffet line (obviously animals aren't allowed in restaurants, I'm referring to pot luck dinners where people bring their animals, or play with someone else's animals). Even worse, the people that made the dishes you are eating. Who knows what they did at home? How do you know they washed their hands before working with food? How do you know they didn't let animal hair, or any hair for that matter get into the food? The simple answer is you just don't. It is hard being clean but I manage in this world, and I will be listing here simple ideas to help keep you clean in this dirty world.

Restrooms: When entering a restroom with a door that pushes into the restroom, you are going to have to touch a handle and pull to get out. Many many people will go in there, use the restroom and then go strait for the door. BAM instant disgusting door handle, and after you wash your hands you are subject to those very same germs. A simple solution is to use a paper towel in your hand to open the door so you don't touch the handle, and at the same time wiping the handle to make it just a little cleaner for the next person that washes his/her hands, but doesn't think to use a paper towel.
Problems with this solution: Some restrooms don't use paper towels at all anymore, and instead use those dryers. These restroom owner/owners, while trying to stay friendly to the environment, have created a problem for anyone that wants there hands to be clean. A viable solution is to take napkins, and/or paper towels from out side into the restroom, dry your hands with the air dryer, and then wip out the paper towel. Then simply throw the paper towel away in a trash can somewhere outside.

One more thing,
If the restroom has a paper towel dispenser that requires contact with a lever of some sort, then push the lever down before you wash your hands with your wrist, and then once you are done washing your hands use the piece of paper towel that is hanging from the dispenser to push the lever and pull out however much paper towel you need. And the reason for this, just in case you haven't figured it out, is because a lot of people only rinse their hands after using the rest room, and while this is definitely better then nothing, it doesn't clean the hands like soap will, and so when these people push down the paper towel lever they get germs on it. Ok, well I'm going to see how this post works out and then I'm going to just go from there.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

GTA is not the problem

I was reading at and I just couldn't believe what I saw. Another stupid ass person decided to try and pull a GTA stunt. This time it didn't involve any guns, but rather a car. Two friends were driving, and one of them decided to try and pull off one of the stunts they performed in GTA. One of them dies, and the other goes to court for manslaughter. He gets released though, because the jury just ate up the bullshit he feed them. Apparently he was able to convince those dumb asses that the game made him do it. The way I see it (the truth) is that the games are not the problem. The problem is the people playing the games. While age does have a large impact, it really has nothing to do with it. The people that see these games and think to themselves, "Hey, I should try that out, it looks awesome" obviously have mental problems, and/or lack of common sense. The bottom line is people are responsible for their own actions. The only exception to this is, of course, mentally ill people, in which case someone should be watching over them and taking care of them.